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Research projects are available for undergraduate and graduate students in biochemistry, microbiology, and chemistry. Students work on collaborative projects in the field of antibiotic resistance, using molecular biology, enzymology (including protein purification, kinetics, and inhibition studies), NMR spectroscopy, and microbiological techniques.

Undergraduate Students

Summer 2021

We do not have any funded positions currently available, but interested students are encouraged to get in touch, in case new opportunities arise.

Fall 2021/Winter 2022

Students in the Life Sciences (MICR 499) and Biochemistry (BCHEM 421/422) programs are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Lohans regarding research projects.

Graduate Students

Prospective MSc and PhD students who are considering biochemical and microbiological research are encouraged to get in touch. Students eligible for scholarships (e.g. NSERC and CIHR graduate awards) will be supported with the preparation of a research proposal.

Please note that there are not currently any open graduate student positions for September 2020.